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Meet Emily! A few weeks ago, I was on Instagram and I saw Emily’s feed with this amazingly gorgeous dress and I thought – OMG! I have to reach out to her and see if she would be interested in doing a shoot with her prom dress. When Emily wrote back and said “HECK YA”, I was so excited! To top things off, Emily has a beautiful horse and I suggested that we use him in some of her photos, and I am so glad we did. Emily lives on a beautiful piece of property and we were able to use the fields beside her house for these gorgeous images. Emily, you rocked your session and I am super excited to show them off.

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I absolutely love these Ballet photos that we did of Cameron. I did Cameron’s senior pictures 2 years ago when she was in High School and this Fall she will be in her second year at Syracuse University. When she came home from break, I approached her about doing a ballet shoot that I had been dreaming of doing. Thankfully, she was excited and we were able to do these a few weeks ago. Thank you Cameron for being silly with me and helping me get a few creative juices flowing. Much love xoxo

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I don’t normally toot my own horn, so to speak – but, this was my first ever stylized shoot, and I AM PROUD! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and after collaborating with my friend Beth – I decided on a Bohemian inspired shoot. Stylized shoots are a LOT of work…in fact, this one was in the works for almost 3 months before everything fell into place. With the amazing help from some pretty incredible people, we were able to finally execute this shoot last Saturday. I found Allyson through some of my senior reps, she is an amazing makeup artist. I am so proud of you Allyson – you really ran with this and the girls looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you to Megan of Raydiant Apparel for donating the headbands that the girls wore in some of the photos. You can find her site here. My wonderful friend Beth and her daughter Lexi styled the girls for me and I couldn’t imagine their outfits being anymore perfect. Thank you so much – I love you both! My daughter Morgan did hair for some of the girls and donated some of her clothes to complete the looks we needed. My husband Chris – thank you for being so supportive with each and every spontaneous decision I made and along with our friends Mike & Jill for setting everything up and transporting furniture and hanging the lanterns. I couldn’t have pulled this off without each and everyone of you.

Last but certainly not least…Sophia, Erin, Taylor & Aliyah – my cup runneth over! I carefully chose each of you to model in this shoot. My heart is full and I simply adore each of you. You all brought your “A game” to this shoot and I am so happy. I love you all! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! xoxoxo

Now…enjoy a huge blog post of photos from our photoshoot. If you are interested in modeling for me, I am in the early stages of my next concept shoot. E-mail if you are interested in modeling at

Much love!

Meet Erin




We chose a more colorful route for the second set of outfits and I am just dying over these.

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Where do I even start? These 2 amazing creatures are my everything – they are why I worry at night, smile during the day and obsess over their choices in life. I haven’t always been great at expressing my feelings in actual words. Full disclaimer – Parenting is the absolute hardest job I have ever had. No one prepares you ahead of time when you have children…that they will be the absolute utmost important thing you ever do in your ENTIRE life! While I was editing these photos, I got choked up and bawled like a baby. I literally had to stop editing because I couldn’t focus on my computer screen.

Shelby – You are going to be 21 in a few months and embarking on a new adventure in your life. While it is so incredibly hard for me, I know that you need to spread your wings and fly! Moving away from family will be one of the hardest things you ever do in your life. You will persevere through it and remember you are a strong young woman. You have the will and the strength to do whatever you want in life. You are the ROCK – my independent, do-it-yourself, sarcastic, funny, adventurous, mischievous, beautiful girl. You are strong and your “take no crap” attitude is why you will be just fine! You will pave your own way in life! I admire these qualities in you! I know we all have to make difficult decisions, and this is part of growing up. I will miss you to the moon and back and always know that you are in my heart everyday no matter where you are. I love you!

Morgan – You came out kicking and screaming and haven’t stopped since. You are my hilarious, opinionated, headstrong, beautiful, heart as big as the Grand Canyon little girl. You challenge me, keep me on my toes, and surprise me every day. You and your sister have made my life worth living – through the times that I didn’t think I could handle one more obstacle – I would just look at both of you and know what my purpose in life was. I am so proud to be your mother – even when I am so mad I could spit nails, you make a face at me and it all comes crumbling down. This is no secret and I know you use it to your advantage.:)I love you!

Whew…I can’t write anymore because my eyes are wet and my throat hurts from choking back tears. God blessed me with two amazing, beautiful and very different children. On Mother’s Day, we went out and took a few photos since Shelby will be moving to Alabama this week, and I don’t have any recent photos of my girls.

I love you both more than you can possibly imagine! Oh, and I put in a couple “out-takes” because Morgan is a goof-ball and I love them!

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  • Beth Lewis - Beautiful Melissa ! I laughed I cried and I admire your strengthe and love for being a mom ! I adore you and those beautiful girls of yours !

  • Lynne - Hay You~ Oh My Goosh…Gorgeous and Beautiful all at once! I love what you wrote, it’s true and dear…from the Heart! I’m Bawling my eyes out too…it’s been an emotional day. Miss ya!!! Hope to see you again SOON!!! Love and Hugs, Lynne

  • Mom Waller - Just beautiful!

It is such an amazing feeling to be a featured photographer. It means that other photographers are acknowledging your skills and commending you for a job well done.

I have been working tirelessly over here on some styled shoots and getting my 13 senior reps scheduled and excited for their upcoming senior photos.

I have made some changes to my approach lately, which is why you haven’t seen me blogging as much; but don’t fret…things are about to go gang busters over here. With 13 senior representatives from 5 high schools, things are about to get crazy…in a good way.:)

I am so excited that the pictures I did of my daughter Morgan got selected for the “Modern Teen Stunner” back in March, and were just featured last week in High In Style; seen here and then this morning, one of my 2015 senior reps was also selected as the “Modern Teen Stunner” of the week.

You could say I am having a good couple months:)

Thank you for continuing to stop by and leave me encouragement – your words and comments are wonderful to read.



Thank o

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