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What is an MWP Model

An MWP Model is a spokesmodel for my business. A person who shares their experience as a model with their friends and classmates and getting your friends to book their photos with MWP and spreading the word about how fun and exciting your senior session was.

Senior Model Benefits

* A Discounted Senior Portrait Session [Must pay $100 retainer and if you get at least two referrals you will get that back in print credit]
* Be a part of several styled group shoots throughout the year
* $25 cash for each friend you refer that books with MWP [they have to pay their session fee for you to get credit]
* Featured in MWP Marketing and Advertisements
* The chance to be the cover of our MWP Magazine

The Scoop:

MWP Models need to follow the application process – this will be done during your Junior year of High School. Fill out the application and make sure you are following me on all social media:


Several students will be chosen from each school to represent MWP and I can’t wait to read about all the applicants. Unfortunately, I can’t choose everyone who applies – the successful applicants will be those that really take the time to answer the questions, put thought and creativity into their answers; and are spokes models who will best represent my brand and business.

The criteria I am looking for are:

Involvement in Sports, School, & Community
Religious activities
Active on Social Media
Fashion Interests

You must promote MWP exclusively – this means if you are chosen, you may not work with any other photographer through the end of your senior year. Exception: Class photo through the school photographer.

You must promote and talk about MWP on social media at least 3 times a month

Attend all group shoots and meet ups

Please fill out the application below and make sure you involve your parents, this is an important time for you and they should be involved. If you are chosen to be an MWP Model, there will be a meet/greet for models and parents which is mandatory.

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I had the opportunity to go into D.C. today right in time for the peak of the cherry blossoms. I have only been 1 other time in the 8 years I have lived here and it was so cold and rainy. However, today, it was a beautiful day and because the cherry blossoms have peaked early due to the insanely gorgeous weather we have been having here…there were very few people out and about today; which made it fairly easy to get some great pictures. I never realized that the tidal basin is over 3 miles long, and I walked the entire thing;)For anyone who has never experienced the cherry blossoms, you clearly are missing out! They are AH-MAZ-ING! So, here are some of the favorites I took today…ENJOY!

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  • Deborah Dyer - Just beautiful!! Nice job!! Next year I plan to see them first hand. xoxox

  • Dennett Clarke - These are fabulous! They should be on the front cover of a DC brochure! Just wonderful

Right before Thanksgiving this past year, a wounded deer started coming around the woods in our backyard. Every night I rush home so I can see how Larry (that’s what we named him) is doing. He has become the neighborhood “talk” and yesterday I got close enough to take a few pictures of him. It was quite a site as I was tiptoeing barefoot through the back yard to get close enough to get some pictures. I got really close before he got uncomfortable and got up, but he didn’t run away. I think he was probably saying “WOW – Close enough SISTA”. I have a feeling that Larry isn’t going to be with us much longer so I will cherish these pictures I took of him. He really is such a sweet deer and even comes when we call and whistle for him. I would dare say a few more months and I could literally have him eating out of my hand.

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Meet Noah…my handsome nephew. A few weeks ago, I decided that instead of getting all of these random pictures of my nieces and nephews, I would schedule a photo shoot with each of them right before their birthdays every year. I have never been a big fan of “school pictures” and that is what most people get each year. So, yesterday, Noah and I ventured into Crystal City to take some photos of him. His Birthday is coming right up in a few weeks and I happened to have the weekend free. I am so proud of Noah – he did a fabulous job and we had a blast capturing these.

I love all of Noah’s pictures…but these next two are probably my favorites.

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  • Melissa - Ahhhh…I love this little guy. Hugs & Kisses sweetheart. Love Auntie

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